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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-07 00:35:05 (UTC)

Wow today was a boring..

Wow today was a boring saturday. Its not over yet, me and
nicole may be going to a concert... Hehehe we could go see
Will Smith at Border's Books in Princeton! LoL just kidding
but we may be going to some sorta concert... American
Cheese maybe? At some club that I forget the name of...
well anyway... today guess what I did! You will never
guess!! So I'm just going to tell you...

I woke up! then I did nothing I think.. if i did something
I can't remember what it is. Then later on after sitting
around for a while my brothers friend came over and we lit
off some fire works and stuff and they played video games
in my room while i fell asleep on my brothers bed for like
2 hours. I woke up a little while ago and ate some pizza
and drank some soda and now i'm talking to people online
while working on something in macromedia flash 4 that I may
actually get paid for =) Payment is good! Right now I'm
going to show u the last lines from all the IMs that I
have... here it goes...

HugSnK1SsEs29: one weekend we all have to do something fun
HugSnK1SsEs29: for once
MonkiesNRhinos4E: Yea... I agree

QT2089: she was online all day waitin 4 u and u got on
right wen she got off
MonkiesNRhinos4E: hah.... i was on almost an hour ago
MonkiesNRhinos4E: but i kept having to reconnect
QT2089: ooooo

MonkiesNRhinos4E: and they have a shitty message board so i
started making them a wwwboard script and i'm like 85% done
but i something I did was wrong..
DQHHHDX2G: Neva use wwwboard
DQHHHDX2G: it has a flaw
DQHHHDX2G: it'll screw you in the long run
MonkiesNRhinos4E: oh... i wish i had known that last weekend

MonkiesNRhinos4E: i've never used it... all the groups i am
a member of tho are on egroups
Hcore MC Jigga T: i get it
Hcore MC Jigga T: i understand it now

MonkiesNRhinos4E: did u ever find a concert?
NymphGrl666: disgruntled postal workers!
NymphGrl666: @the saint
MonkiesNRhinos4E: thats a good name
NymphGrl666: i know
NymphGrl666: i love these names
NymphGrl666: american cheese and heads up penny
NymphGrl666: and disgruntled postal workers!!!

MonkiesNRhinos4e is me if you haven't already guessed.
Feel free to talk to me I'm always online.

Uhhh I know this is a pointless message but I'm sooo bored
I'm going to keep writing.. it took me an HOUR to check my
mail today! damn monmouth internet is the antichrist. I
feel better than yesterday incase any of you were
wondering.. Oh yes... we're starting to actually get
feedback! It makes me feel very luved! Keep sending in the