nfinite empyrean

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2001-06-28 15:45:13 (UTC)


well i must have insulted my friend since he is not
speaking to me anymore...well i guess he served his purpose
as well ...and oh how i am grateful to have known him
because he put me on the right track as far as getting to
know myself...and i will always be was like
he was my little guardian angel....
on to more news i talked to nathan in what started out as a
cool conversation via internet...but then i don't know he
started acting all funny...he is having a birthday party
and didn't want to invite me...because he was scared of
drama...i don't want to go...i have not purpose there...i
am alright...i guess he is mad because i am not all sulking
over the relationship...i don't want to...i am doing first i was feeling sad when i got off the phone
but then i asked myself...why? and i couldn't answer
it it is not a big deal...i am getting ready to have
fun at cedar point so that is what i am concentrating on
right now....i still love him...but i am not in love with
him...i can give a rat's ass who he is with as long as he
is happy ....and that is that...
speaking of happiness....i really like stanley but i am not
vibing with him...damn i almost forgot how hard it is for
me to vibe with people ... and how funny my vibes
i wish to god that i was in tune with that brother...we
actually had a good conversation about the draft and the was that is nfl...draft...religion...and
music we are cool with....hopefully he will turn out to be
a very good friend...gotta go

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