a poetic Heartº
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2002-07-09 01:34:27 (UTC)

Your There

*Every move I make * Every step I take*
*Eveytime I sleep * Everytime I wake*
*Your There*
*The air I breathe * The answers I seek*
*Everytime I blink * Everytime I see*
*Your There*
*Every second of a minute * Every hour passing by*
*Every sunset in the morning * Every bird in the sky*
*Your There*
*An Illusion in the clouds * A ripple in the sea*
*An Image in the mirror * A sense of tranquility*
*Your There*
*Every smile on my face * Every sparkle in my eye*
*Every fear I may come upon * Every tear I cry*
* Your There*
*Every mile I may travel * Every direction I may look*
*Every movie I watch * In every storybook*
*Your There*
*Every heartache in my soul * Every bondage I overcome*
*Every scream I let out * And When I think I’m done*
*Your There*
*In Everything I do * In every word I speak*
*A part of my life * A Part of me*
*Your There*

Ashley McCoy