a poetic Heartº
2002-07-09 01:30:10 (UTC)

Have You Thought Of Me

Ashley N. McCoy
March 9th, 2002

Have you thought of me
Since you’ve gone away
Have I crossed your mind
Possibly entered your thoughts today

Do you wonder if I miss you
Do you care anymore
Did you think I’d just forget you
The moment you walked out the door

Have you thought of me
And wondered how I’ve been
Have you thought of how it’ll be
When we meet again

Do you long for me
The way I long for you
Do you still love me
Or have you found someone new

Have you thought of me
And missed the way we kissed
Has our love ended
Or does it still exists

Have you woke up calling out for me
Wanting to hold me and touch my face
Have you fell asleep and dreamed about me
Wishing you could just escape

I have never stopped loving you
Not once thought about letting go
The entire time that you’ve been gone
All my love did was grow

Ask me if I thought of you
I will tell you what Id say
Yes, I’ve thought of you
Only every second of every day


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