a poetic Heartº
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2002-07-09 01:26:50 (UTC)

But When I hear it from you

There are so many rumors
I dont know which ones are true
Rumors that get me thinking
about whats going on with you

I havent seen you in so long
but yet you still remain in my heart
Were closer than 2 friends can be
and yet we still have to be apart

they tell me that youve left
and that your gone for good
i never believed the words they would say
always swore i never would

they tell me your growing weaker
and that your smiles have faded away
I never believed any of this
this was until today

I recieved a phone call
Picked it up, and it was you
at first it was a shock
i didnt know what to do

I told you about the rumor
and how i knew it had to be a lie
then there was a moment of silence
and a tear fell from my eye

the thoughts running through my mind
was i knew it couldnt be true
but then i faced my greatest fear
when I heard it from you

You said your not comming back
and i started to quiver as you spoke
I said I'll never forget you
And then 2 hearts broke

Isnt it a shame
when best friends have to part
Ans What is now the end
Is only memeories from the start

A single person must face facts
Even the unwanted kind
They can only think of whats to come
And dream of what you left behind

I once thought my every dream
Would one day come true
But I started thinking different
The moment I heard it come from you