Germany and Beyond
2001-06-28 14:48:13 (UTC)

Fun Weekend Awaiting...


This weekend is going to ROCK! I have been so bored the
past week...I need some fun to get me out of this funk!
Supposedly, there is going to be a big as all-get-out-party
tomorrow at this place called Alcatraz. I guess the guest
list will include me, Bernadette, and 3,998 people. So, I
am going to have to check that out.

I am waiting for class the start in the next 15 minutes,
and then as soon as class is done, I am going to run home
and remove my clothes and sheets from the dryer and take
care of them and then run to the Hauptbahnhof to pick up
Bernadette at 8pm. And then I have to take her and run to
play rehearsal hoping I am not too late, and then I have to
take Bernadette back to my place so that she can dump off
her stuff, and then we are going to go out and have fun
tonight. I can not wait. I think I may poop...

I really am getting very antsy to go home. I think it is
because I have so much work to do, and I want to just get
away from it all and go home. I mean, I only have about 3
more weeks. And the weather here is unbearable. It is so
sticky and warm and slimy and moist. But, I am going to
have fun this weekend, so that will make it that much more

So, bis später!