Millie Wants, But Doesn't Get
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2001-06-28 14:36:03 (UTC)



Not a lot has be happening!!! I have been swimming in a
lake near that had been fun I guess. Youwht I love
to do??? Its writing poems.. I have some throughout me diary
if you wanna read some. But I mean you can write how you
feel..I don't know.. I really like it. MAybe someday in the
future you all will be readin my poem book!! (That would be
real weird...but cool!!!!) I have a problem with sleeping.
I can't sleep in!!! I DOn't know if I have already told you
that but I do. I went to bed last nigh at 12:00 and I woke
up at 9:30!!!! And no matter how hard I rey to get back
asleep I can't!!! AHH!!!! So I will be tired and crabby
ALLLLLL Day.. JOy huh?? Well I feel like writin another
poem so here it goes.. I am just making this up on the spot

Birds chriping through the air,
Wind rushes through my hair.
Leaves dangling from the trees,
Hearing buzzing of the bees.
Only here can i be me,
Like the waves of the sea.
I want to stay here and never go away,
And these sounds never leave me astray.

hehehe anyway..write me!!


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