the facts of my life
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2002-07-09 00:49:14 (UTC)

Love is like a rose u can have red or u can have black

Well I have a crush on this guy and i am hoping he likes
me the same way. All I want from him is that he is happy
and if that does not include me then that is fine. I am
just afaird that he is going to get hurt and all. I really
can not stand to see him hurt. I think i would just die if
he was hurt in any way. I am different and all but i hope
that it is a good thing. I have never felt like i was
worth anything to anyone but he made me feel that way so i
think he deserves someone that can treat him good and care
for him like he deserves to be cared for. I dunno if i
could care for his needs the way he needs someone to but i
never know I am just probly givin myself enought credit
here but i dunno that either. Well as long as he is happy
i will be happy and that is all i can say.