Life, no one gets out alive?
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2002-07-09 00:28:57 (UTC)

A month and a half . . .or what I did on part of my summer vacation

La ti freaking da

Well a lot has happened since I last wrote. Finals are
completely over as it is now july and I passed all of my
classes. Um the guys I was thinking about hooking up with:
one left for drug rehab type thingy the other I had lots of
fun with. But he and I didn't end up going very far as i am
no longer able to have meaningless sex (damn my morals
hehehe). But then my good friend ended up sleeping with him
only like 2 weeks after things had happend so I am plotting
to rip her head of. Ohh yeah and the guy ended up getting
in a fight and punching a girl and then being kicked in the
face alot. That must have sucked. ummmmmmmmmmmmmm going to
a gay club in cambridge in about an hour. Um yeah

so life is interesting

ohhh the guy who lived with me about a year ago has offered
to repay the favor by letting me stay with him in his dorm
at UNH since he has a single. That will be nice becuase
then I wont have to answer to my family. Mommy and daddy
are playing the over protective you cant do anything type
thing, and I am no longer having it. they have to realize I
am an adult and I pay my bill and work and play and do
everything I need to do. I mean I went out everynight for
the last 2 semeseters in college and still got really good
grades. How much more do they want???


Haven't been really depressed lately wich I like. Althoguh
I amd kinda worried about going to unh next year as I am no
longer sure if that is the place I want to attend. But I'm
going there now and it is too late. So this should be fun.

alrighty got to finish getting ready for clubbing. alrighty
friends just came in so yea bye

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