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2001-06-28 14:14:55 (UTC)


now as you know trust is a very important thing in a
relationship.....but is it there?? i dont know about this
whole billy going to puerto rico with a whole bunch of
church gurls....we all know how church girls are! n i dont
know if its the fact that i dont trust those other girls
with him or i dont trust him with them....but one of my
good friends is going with him and i'll have her keep and
eye on him while he is gone! i dunno but if i find out that
he did anything while he was gone with girls beside talk
about me(lol) then im not gonna be the most pleasant person
to talk to when he gets back!!! i think i can trust him
tho....just the other day he was saying how ugly all the
girls are at his church! so thats a good thing and he
promised me that while he was gone the only girl he would
think of is me!! yay!! but anymoo i think that he'll be
fine! and he told me not to look at any guys while he is
gone...well thats taken care of cuz im gonna be in summer
school! all the hot guys are smart n i doubt n e of them
would be going to school with me, and even if they were it
wouldnt matter, cuz i have billy and thats all i need to be
happy! well i gotta run.....i have to get ready to go see
my baby at his work!! bye!