more human than human
2002-07-09 00:11:50 (UTC)

wow i miss people

So now I'm being told how to spend my summer. I want to go
back to Canada, to the house where the only thing I'm ever
told do is to get out someone else's spot. Which I barely
listen to anyways. Although then I'm either sat on or
moved...either one usually ends up somewhat amusing. But
yeah, I miss everyone. Although it's good to know I am now
thought of as an Angel in someone's mind. It makes me feel
helpful again. I like knowing that I'm doing someone some
good. It helps with the whole purpose in life thing. Many
people seem to feel like they need a purpose in life, and
for a lot of people, that purpose is helping others. I
don't go to refugee camps, or teach children in third world
countries. But I give money to charity when I can, and help
my friends when I need them. Does that count for anything?


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