Emerald Spirit
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2002-07-08 23:48:58 (UTC)

gratitude Journal 7/8/02

I have gratitude for the food in my stomach
I have gratitude for the power still being on..
I have gratitude that the car is running well.
I have gratitude for my health
I have gratitude for clean water to drink
I have gratitude that i am patient, and belive that things
are changing in a postive way
I am grateful for my lifepartner who loves me.

If your noticing theres a trend with being thankful for the
basics of survial, you'd be right.. Right know we are
struggling to keep this house together, but it is getting

I am aslo struggling with the identity of being married.

All its is taking is that wonderful thing called patience
and realizing that all things will happen in there proper
time and season..

That is the point of me counting my blessings in this
journal to keep me motivated on the point that things are
going to get better.

I admit I struggle with this from day to day.. Wondering if
I am just repeating myself ad nasum.. They say the more
you reinforce a thought, the more it becomes second nature.

Something to consider.