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2002-07-08 23:14:03 (UTC)

Being Canadian

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend as I make my
small updates on my pages. I really have to work at this
saving money thing, because I have come to realize that
when money is in your hands it is both tempting and easy to
lose it, because everyone wants it. That said, October is
when I'm going to release this bit of poetry and darn it,
you are going to like it!!!!!!!
Anyways, in a vain attempt to sound cool, I recommend you
check out the Greatest Hits CD by Aerosmith. It's a very
awesome list of songs which kick major behind musically
speaking. In a weird thought, isn't it amazing that most
people still like the bands in the 60s, 70s, and 80s???????
Anyways, I find myself wanting to share with you another
poem. A good one if I say so myself. It's not going in
the collection, but rather will have a home not only here
but on my webpage. It's my Canada Day poem entitled "Being
Canadian". In my vain attempts of patriotism, I hope I
shed light on Canada a little bit.
Hope you enjoy.
The Mad Scientist.

Being Canadian

a Canadian in a word
is uncertain
uncertain of who they are
a country without identity
leading to a people without one
we blame the outsiders
for confusing us
making us live in their cultures
in their lives

we seek who we are
by defining ourselves with what we are not
we choke down our beers and breweries
rebelling against our stigmas
our confusion
daring the world with our defiance
our denial
of who we are

being canadian
I think we go about it the wrong way
instead of defining by what we are not
we should defing ourselves by who we are
we are people within the greatest country in the world
we are some of the brightest
most intelligent people alive
it's a wonder we don't show it more

as Canadians
we still are discovering who we are
what we want
where to go
still learning based on the footsteps of others

one day I hope
Canadians will know as I know
how truly gifted we really are
and how far we can go if...

we dare to find out
just what kind of people
what kind of country
that Canada
that Canadians can make for ourselves

(c)Joshua Pantalleresco, 2002