2001-06-28 13:07:42 (UTC)


theres this guy i know. i think im falling for him.
but, what about chris? oiy, i know. but this guy
is really sweet, honest, cute, understands me, hes funny,
helps me out, caring, likes to cuddle(yay), sensative,
doesnt hide his emmotions(i dont think anyways lol), knows
that sex isnt all a relationship is. right now hes like,
the best person ever lol other than nicole and danielle.
but he shall remain nameless. coz, i think he knows who he
is (yet denies anything) and, he could be reading this
right now. so, yeah. what a fucking boring morning it's
been. its only 9:01. why am i up this early? coz danielle
said she was coming at 10 or 11. well anyways. im gonna go
take a shower. im out like a fat kid in dogde ball.