¤*°- My Own lil Hell -°*¤
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2002-07-08 22:28:44 (UTC)

Well... I dunno what all is..

Well... I dunno what all is going on... Sherri is back in
NC still and Conner is here staying with me... I called
Sherri last nite to talk to her and see how she was doing
and everything and she told me that she really just wanted
to have someone else down there besides Conner and then
she invited me to move in with her... Im not really
sure..I really wanna be there for her and Conner both, but
all my friends and everything is up here..Theres soo much
stuff going on...I dont remember if I mentioned this in
the last entry or not, but I found some weed in my dads
clothes drawer thing.. Well I went back up a lil while ago
and it was gone so I sold some heart pills for some more
and now I have some in my room... Adam and I are falling
apart... I dunno whats going on....Grr! Life sucks ass.. I
wanna die.. I need to die more or less...Hes at Jameas and
I dunno.. Hes finally in town and I still dont get to see
him.. Life is shitty as fuck.. Im gonna go roll one or
something to calm me down.. Who knows...

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