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2001-01-06 23:15:54 (UTC)

I have found the essence of..

I have found the essence of winning last night...

" Victory does not always put you on top of everyone
else." --Sabrina

Ha.. that's me. Yup. Sometimes you win... and that rush
feels great. But that rush also screens you from true
gain. The gain of different perspectives... from all sides
and all angles. That's why nobody is on the top for very
long. They don't know what their flaw is until someone else
picked it up and used it against them. Inspired by the new
ways of tolerating my mother. I have also realized the
meaning of our helplessness and vulnerability yesterday...

"Mother Nature knew! She knew if we had wings we'd kill
first, if we had fur we'd divide first, but if we had skin--
sensitive to touch, we'd love first." --Sabrina

You know why I said that? If we had wings we'd all be
beautiful, and with that will come arrogance. The thought
that we are truely better than anyone else. So we will
fight and kill because of simple differences... "Black
people should not deserve white wings and brown eyed people
should not deserve blonde hair" and so on and so forth.

If we had fur we'd feel like we should protect ourselves.
And still, we will believe we are more capable at survival
than anyone else. We will compete at who's tougher because
the fur divides us from feeling too much. We will become
like animals.

But if we had skin we will feel sympathy for one another...
how helpless and in need of touch we are. We need human
contact... especially when we were young. We would need to
help each other, to acknowledge that without a large group
of people we will feel lonely. That is why that up until
now all the people of this Earth has enjoyed the company of
each other. That we will generally look after one another.

January 5th, 2001 12:26PM

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