me and my boyfriend
2001-06-28 10:26:34 (UTC)

should I love him or not

I have been out with a guy for 8 years. He is my first bf
and we have been quite happy together. Because we want to
see each other so much, we live together in a little house.

For the past two years, I found that he is really
unintelligent, unorganise and requires my financial support
for his daily needs, like food and rent and going out
expenses. Basically, his salary goes to his car and
cigarettes only.

He hasn't given me anything really, except he is very loyal
to me, and tries to keep me happy all the time.

He isn't consciencious, so most of the time, he really
doesn't know how to make me happy. He sometimes do things
that I really hate, but he doesn't realises it. He is like
a pestering kid that I have to look after.

I feel that I have wasted my time with him, and from my
heart, I really want to find someone else. But it isn't
that easy to find someone good.

I feel that a bf should really take care of gf, and do
things to please a gf. Especially if a gf did so much for

What can I do?? Plesae email me of what i can do.