The GoddessIris

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2002-07-08 19:46:52 (UTC)

I love you! ( describtive poem)

3 overrated words
a little promise chased in my ear
a flower that dies the next day
driving with the music really loud
walking away forever
laughing just to be nice
staying home alone
eating pancakes that taste like shit
drawing a heart the erasing it
writing letters to pass the time
forgeting we were suppose to hang out
kissing your best friend
taking pictures in the park
watching rented movies
screaming at the top of you lungs
spiked up hair
making up cause I got a lip ring
falling asleep together
promises broken
cut up skin
lies told
tears shed
hands held
words written on your body
hugs at the hosptile
hitting on all my friends
losing weight
being scared of the dark
talking everyday!
- I haven't stopped thinking of you since that night at
perkins and to be honest I never will-

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