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2001-01-06 23:14:38 (UTC)

This is both a curious and..

This is both a curious and informing entry...
On a few specific scientific theories and discoveries.

We all 'knew' there were dinosaurs on Earth. Why? Oh, it's
simple, you might say. There are bones to prove it. But as
a matter of fact, the Earth went through several
revolutions. When the Earth was first habitable, micro-
organisms flurished in the liquids. But Mother Earth soon
smothered the first signs of life. That was the very first
revolution. The second brought on a wave of bigger
organisms, plants and more intelligent life forms in the
sea...but it was not meant to be. The third brought a
storm of creatures with brains... reptiles. They migrated
on dry land... the stubborn deathless creatured also died
at the hand of Mother Nature. The fourth... was fairly
advanced, with more creatures but mostly in the sea.

The fifth, most likely have been the dinosaurs. They
existed for a long, long time. With each birth, Mother
Earth learned how to keep her babies, all balanced with one
another. I suppose the dinosaurs just didn't work out.
They said it might have been a meteor, but you never
know... it could have been a plague. How else would
dinosaurs die in the swamps, the rocks... We are the sixth

I guess my questions is, how long before we are extinct?
Obviously Mother Nature has a way with children. She can
wipe out any of them in a matter of years. There is also
this theory that Mars was once habitable, and life on Earth
might have been triggered by Mars. Rocks with life might
have entered the atmosphere to begin again on Earth.
Ha.. we might be the descendents of Martians.

And another... there are creatures that survived certain
revolutions. Bugs, for example never seem to die. Reptiles
are near perfect creatures... they seem to survive and
prosper in every revolution. Which is why I think that
aliens in outer space must have species similar to our
reptiles and bugs. Fun, isn't it? I believe with all my
heart that there are aliens in outer space. Why? Because
there are billions upon billions of stars out there with
even more planets to revolve around them. There must be
millions of planets perfectly habitable, like our Earth.
Not every species will be more advanced than we are,
because every species need time to grow and become more

There are two universal theories, one is that the universe
is forever expanding, while the other says that it's a
cycle... to have one big bang after another.

Most of us believe that the universe began with a big mass
of material... and that it bursted from pressure and the
pieces kept expanding ever since. Some believe that all
the matter and material will come together again to explode
once more. Thus repeating the cycle again and again. Of
course they believe that it will only happen every 200
billion years.

Some say the material will never come together again at
all. Where does that big mass of material come from in the
first place? It'd have to be enormous, this ball of
material that includes all the material of the universe.
And what is the universe? Can it be forever? Is it
expanding or does it have an end somewhere? We don't know
yet. And I regret to say that we will never know for the
extent of my life.

By the way, this cycle of life... what is the meaning of
it? Do our souls disappear forever when we die? Do we have
to deem ourselves worthy to keep our souls and mind

I guess the biggest question of all is, does the universe,
or some being in the universe control us? And do they have
intelligence, honor, pride, prejudice, and all of those
human traits we simply assumed they have just to prevent us
from going completely mad altogether? We need to be
assured... we need to know we are living for a reason, I

"I know nothing, because I know too much, and understand
not nearly enough and never will! But this you taught me
as much as any other I've ever known, that love is
necessary, as much as rain to the flowers and the trees,
and food to the hungry child, and blood to the starving
thirsting predators and scavengers that we are. Love we
need, and Love can make us forget and forgive all savagery,
as perhapes nothing else can."
-- said Marius De Romanus, from "The Vampire Armand"
written by Anne Rice.

January 4th, 2001 4:51PM

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