Mista Of Silent Death

Ramblings of the Mad and Distrubed
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2002-07-08 18:57:44 (UTC)

Well then day number 2 of my depression! w00t!

Yup you guessed it this is day number 2 of my shitty
depression woooooohooooooo NOT! grrrr........

Yup i feel no better sometimes my depression lasts for days
at a time..... Like i am floating free on a cloud one day
and everything is wonderful then one min or someone say one
thing and i am back on the chopping block where i started...

I hate this is likes balls..... Yup balls!!!! maybe even
OLD BALLS!!!! and that sick and gross as all hell... Can we
curse on this thing ??? Hmm well fuck it if we cant then i
dont know about it then......

Ramble Ramble Mod Mod yadda yadda yackity smackity.... Yup
that is all i really ever say is crappppppppp! I just wish
i could feel better just to have one day where i am just
like wooooohooooooooo i am not thinking of killing myself
or others around me.... Maybe medication will help maybe
not maybe a hospital stay is in order maybe not maybe this
is all in my head and i am really fine but i just dont know
it....... OR MAYBE IM JUST STUPID!!!!!!!!!! i vote on the
last one lol.....

Im sitting here talking to my good friend his name is Wyman
i like him allot... He is a domme an a pretty good one too
i bet .... A sub you ask yes i am very submissive most people think
the only reason i am is becos i have been abused... Well maybe that
is one reason why..... But anyways i really like
him he i will be reading this sooner or later and when he
does i hope this doesnt scare piss him off....... But he is
into art and poetry and reading and music and all kinds of
stuff i really admire in a man...... Plus he is really

Well i will write more later Mistra