The Witch

The Bearer
2001-06-28 08:22:09 (UTC)

Glutton Square

I had a very bad food experience last 2 days in my life. I
think that was the worst eating habit in my life or just
because I never ate 'that' much lately since I put out
weight drastically over the past 2 years. In conjuction of
my company's Annual General Meeting the 7th, I was involved
in the community to make sure the event goes well as usual.
I had a 'nasi lemak' for breakfast, KFC Zinger Burger
(which was getting smaller these days)for lunch, a Pizza
Hut treat with my deyo in the evening, 'nasi bungkus lauk
ayam for supper and last but not least, a Victoria Station
lamb chop before I go to sleep. Friends think I am kind of
glutton monster trapped in a hole for 10 years, and made
out. I think it had something to do with my menstrual cycle
or a lackness of sex. Ha Ha. The event went well, except I
got pretty tired standing the whole function and guess what
I only ate a very small potion of easy lunch yesterday. But
I had a very heavy dinner eggs curry which I made it last
weekend and added some potato to make it less salty. Enough
about my embarrassing eating habit these days.

My baby called and tell me about the thin layer on his
cornea which irritates his view plus it pretty itchy all
the time. Promised to take him to clinic after work. I hate
to confess this but sometimes I got pretty sick of himself
with so much of problems and health disorder. I know I
shouldn't write this but I think I'm doing a right thing
let it out through a diary which I called Mr. Diary. It
pretty much helping in reliefness of myself. Write again
next time. My baby promised to accompany me tonight. I
think I'm going to get what I've been 'craved' for the last
2 days. :) Chow!