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2001-06-28 07:55:21 (UTC)

God Loves Me

I'm looking at the brightside now even though my eyes are
still not dry from the tears.

What I learned from him is that it is very important to put
God first above all things when it comes to choose a life
mate. Maybe he's not the one for me, maybe he is, I don't
know. He was so sure about God's promise, but I don't know
whether he still thinks the same way right now. I have been
very irritating & annoying ...

Eventhough if later he decides to leave me for good, I
thank him for showing me that putting Christ above
everything is the best decision and I thank God for once
sending him to my life. My heart is breaking now, but I
learn something important that I knew but I ignored in the

Once again, thank you. God loves me by sending you into my