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2002-07-08 17:32:36 (UTC)

Old Entry

Thank GOD (even though I am Atheist) that I have finally
had a good day and have been able to get out of the house.
I have been so bored. Also that I was in a really good day
today. I guess my little cry yesterday helped cause I felt
so much better after it. Jessi is such a sweetheart. I
don't think I could ever find anything wrong about her like
I do with Korrie. She is the nicest person and is always
there for you. I love to talk to her but I feel like I am
dumping my problems on her, but I am just so glad that she
allows me too. I talked with her about Korrie and how I
felt excluded and so much more. I felt like a new person
but it scares me because I have never trusted myself or
anyone else to talk with them about my problems and how I
am not a happy person. I really think this is a good thing
for me but I really am scared that she is going to say the
wrong thing to someone.

I am really glad that my boy toy is back in town. I missed
talking with him so much. Especially over the last few
days. My dad is finally allowing someone over. I think I am
on my way of becoming ungrounded. YEAH! I am kind of scared
to meet Tony. It is going to be wired I think because I
have only talked to him on the phone and over the net. I
know him through Korrie so it is not like he is some weird
pervert but it is just going to be wired. I have no idea
what we are going to do. I'll think of something.

Well the phone is ringingÂ…