Reality Bites
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2002-07-08 17:23:26 (UTC)

Can't decide if I like your face

I went away for the week with Mia to her summer house. It
was really relaxing. Gabe came up every night and took us
out into town so I could meet boys and they could do the
romantic thing, and so all 3 of us could hang out b4 he
moves. It was really fun. I met this guy Jesse. (ha! Same
name as the dumbass, but Oh so different) He played guitar
and he was just so chill, and hot, wow was he hot. He and I
hung out the last 2 nights I was there. He's 20 and he's
way into art like me, we got along so well. Yesterday we
came home and Mia came over. My family was having a bbq so
I went and took a shower & Mia slept then we went and
joined the bbq. There was tons of people there. I got an E-
mail from Luke while I was gone cause I had E-mailed him
telling him when I was leaving & coming home and some other
stuff and so at the end I wrote 'Oh yeah, I love you'. He
wrote back saying that that sucked and then he wrote this
big long I love you to show me how it was done, lol he's
cute. He called durring the bbq and I talked to him a
little. It was wierd for some reason...I don't know why.
Then his phone went dead and I didn't talk to him after
that. I'm not sure how I feel about him right now, I just
don't know. Sometimes I'm really happy about the whole
situation, other times I feel like my world is falling
apart...I need to figure something out.

My cousins took me and Mia out later that night. It was
SOOO fun, they have the hottest friends!! We got home at
like 12 then I drove Mia home. Today I'm going to the
chiropractor and to my cousins house, I'll probably write
more tonight.

"I hate you
I love you
Don't go away
I can't decide if I like your face
Or if I wish it would stray
You're a child but you're malicious
You're sweet but don't remember my name
Heads you win and tails I'm lost
Love equals pain" -Jewel

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