Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
2001-06-28 07:24:28 (UTC)

Outside...looking in.

Hello everyone...I'm back in good ole' diary land. LOL
It's 3:30 in the morning and I have nothing else better to
do, so I figured I would just do a little update on my
glamour, fabulous life. Yah, riiiight! :)

Sonja and I went to karaoke tonight after I spent the
entire evening home waiting for a certain
someone...:::coughBUCK:::: to call. So, I just gave up on
that idea. Karoake was okay. I sang a couple of songs.
Then we got bored and went to Burger King. Then we headed
over the park. Yes, it was dark...yes, it's illegal...but
it was fun. :) Then I decided to take a nice long drive.
So, around 2 I get home and got online.

After a few minutes online, I thought of the wonderful
invention of caller id...Guess who called 15 minutes after
I left!! Yep, you guessed it. BUCK! WTF?? Does he wait
for me to leave and then call... I'm baffled! Oh least I know he was thinking of me. It makes me
feel all happy like. Why? I know what he wanted...a
little suckie suckie. But still... :)

I think I'm going to bed now. G'nite kiddies!!


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