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2001-06-28 07:05:49 (UTC)

Such a boring life.

Today April was gunna call, she slept to late. Eh I dont
mind, not life or death thing. She should be calling
tomorrow, if she does or if she dont, I dont mind. Nothing
really happend today. I got my cable modem, got to talk
trash to my parenst and laugh in thier faces because theuve
been tryin to figger out this computer thing for a wekk and
they finally let me try, I had it all hookd up withen 15
minutes. This cough is seriously pissing me off, when i
cough real bad Ill punch myself in the chest, it stops my
coughing. The weekend we are going to get me new shoes and
my sister jeans. My mom said she aint gunna spend more then
50$ on my shoes, darn, the shoes I want are 60$. Ill find
some that I like and get them tho. Ive been working on my
Offspring site for a little bit, my server for my homepage
say that they are makeing people pay starting september
30th. Damn it! If anyone knows a good homepage sever thats
free tell me please! Well Im out I got my normal, lame,
boring, loser things to do. Ah what a lame boring "life" I