enigmatic contemplation
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2002-07-08 15:18:41 (UTC)

the big day

J come back from ecuador today. Im kind of nervous. I
havent spoken to him in almost a week. Thats a long time
considering we are always together. He always knows where i
am, and vice versa. This has been a very long, hard, but
healthy 12 days (that hes been gone). I need this, I

Ever seen wild orchid? Hmmmmmm..... Perfect example of how
i feel i behave. I'm the male character. i dont
neccessarily perform the intercourse... but i provoke it. I
tempt it. I cause the desire for it. God i miss that

Read a diary last night entitled "tomas". I am in love i
think. His sexuality is so apparent and profound. I love
that he feels sooo.. pleasured in his thoughts.. that he
can be so blunt. ::sigh:: gets urge to make physical

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