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2001-06-28 06:34:38 (UTC)

28/06/01 - 4:22PM

I have a head ache *grrrrrrr* I am not good with headaches
and I get them so damned often..

I am also frustrated with the bloody printer which is not
printing anywhere *nearly* as quickly as it could be!!!

I wonder if anyone other than Rose reads this... :)

Someone write to me and tell me you care...

I guess I could tell someone I keep a bloody diary hey? Nah
I don't want most of the people in my life to know me this
well... I am still mostly a private person, and everyone I
know in real life thinks I am so stable and dependable and
open. I don't think anyone I know thinks I hide anything
from anyone... I know I talk a lot, but not about anything
of great importance...

I don't even know why I am writing in here today, just
waffling along as usual :) Bored at work I guess.

They can probably get my entries I write here at work from
our server history, maybe I will get fired for wasting
company time and for being a nutcase!! *grin*

Woohoo... Incubus are touring soon... tickets on sale very
soon.. cannot wait :) :) :) Will be a great concert.
Goddamn it, Triple M are doing an all Aussie day and now we
have to listen to bloody skyhooks... sheesh, Ihaven't been
*that* bad surely...

I have met so many cool people on the net lately. Mainly on
hot or not, a couple through this place.

I flicked through a couple of other peoples entries on
this, there are an extraordinary amount of people into self
mutilation and such stuff. I could never have done that to
myself, I hate pain.. I am such a little girl when it comes
to cutting myself or bruises... I just want to hug them all
and say it is gong to get better, life always sucks for
normal kids... I sure as hell did for me, not as much as
some people I know... but it felt bad at the time.

Still missing him... wish I could just call him and go and
say hi, would put me on such a high for a few days...
always does when we catch up... but they don't even have a
damn phone anymore... and we only have the one car and I
cannot explain my movements every time I want the car... I
shouldn't even *think* about him... it is nothing to him...
fuck 'em and leave 'em... *sigh* Why can I not fall back in
love with someone who really wants me... why is it always
the ones who hurt me I want????


*big sigh*

I feel like i am still 14, I should stop comlaining... I
turned 23 the other day JESUS CHRIST GIRL...

Take care anyone out there...


"The darkest hour is just before the dawn"

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