Kissing . . .
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2002-07-08 14:45:19 (UTC)

. . .

. . .I couldn't believe how wet she was! She moaned with
pleasure as I stroked her. I wanted to taste her! I moved
from the couch and got down on my knees. I kissed her
mouth again before moving my tounge slowly down her neck to
her nipples.

Were they as delicious as I thought? Yeah, they were.

I tasted one and then the other. She moaned again and
arched her back. She gently pushed my head down between
her legs.

I wanted to tease her. I put her legs on the coffee table
and spread them as wide as possible. I kissed her thighs
which made her shiver.

I then took my tounge and slowly licked her sweet juice.
She was yummy! And I turned and kissed her thigh again.
She moaned. . .