Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-07-08 14:11:42 (UTC)

Being Snubbed, European Style...

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that I am
being ignored by some of my friends, "friends"...
They are all either from Europe, or uh, like, uh,
russia, which might as well, be like almost Europe
and I don't care if they aren't either...

(I am trying to make a point, and it would ruin
the title.... )

Case in point #1....

Steffi... She's from germany, her roomate is
one of my better friends, Kricket....

Twice on the street, I have waved at her, and she
completely ignores me... Like What the fuck...
Now some people think, "Oh, maybe she just
didn't see you". Well, maybe, but I doubt it, unless
she had her eyes closed or was looking up at the sky
in mid day and got blinded for about a minute.

We were less than 3 feet apart from each other, I
was in fact walking slowly, and I am not a fucking
twig stick guy.... I wear black, all black. No other
color, just fucking black.

As is turns out, she does this to alot of people. If
you aren't GQ, or something, I am guessing, she
simply doesn't acknowledge your existance...

Case in point #2

Dan and Jenia.... both are from Russia, somewhere.
My friend Brooke, who's trying to get to germany
and hence took german classes and such, is basically
trying to reclaim a european self... He was born in
England, and came to canada when he was like a year
old or something... And ever since, has been trying to
emulate being, European...

Anyway, walking across the street, with my bike, on
no less than 3 occasions I have seen them , and bam!
They just completely ignore me.... A couple of days
ago, I was sitting with Brooke, and Dan comes up
and starts talking to him, I say hi, nothing, I make a
comment about what they are talking about, the
guy completely ignores me, doesn't even look in
my direction... Jenia comes up, same thing...

I want to take my bike, and beat the both of them
with it... alot... really hard... and make them scream
in russian... maybe then they won't ignore me...

Of course, I will never do that, the most I will do,
is sneer at them, and say nothing.... Except to Brooke..

Case in point #3.... WhatsHerName... Mason's grrl
friend... or something... yeah, I am always forgetting
her name... I remember it when she starts talking,
but otherwise, nope, it's gone.... She's from like
switzerland and her dad is like eastern european...
And stuff....

Basically, she isn't as bad as the rest of them, but still
there's this hoity toidy attitude she has when ever
she is around me... it's fucking annoying...

All of them are from Europe, or are from like Russia,
and man...

What the fuck is it with Europeans ignoring me???

Thats what I want to know... I mean, there's this really
nice German grrl named Lea who talks to me, she's actually
fairly interesting and fun to talk to....

But thats it... oh wait, theres a London grrl too...

Holy fuck...

I dunno, maybe I am taking it too personally... Maybe
I should just relax and not give a fuck... I mean for the
most part, I am of the opinion that if you don't like me for
who I am, then you can in fact go out and string yourself
to a good solid peice of steel and hang there...

I try to be nice for the most part to everyone... So what
the fuck is the matter with people? Can't for 2 seconds of
thier lives just say "Hi." and be done with it? I don't necessarilly
want thier life's story or anything, hell, I don't even really
want to talk to them, they seem to be quite boring, obsessed
with shit I couldn't care about on my best day....


Heh, Shannon Dougherty is filming some TV movie with
Shirley McClaine and Parker Posey near here....

I think I may go and be a fan boi... and see if I can meet or at
least see Parker Posey... she's such a babe... Shannons alright

At least if I get snubbed by them, it's for a damned good reason...