My Life
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2001-06-28 06:22:00 (UTC)

summer school

here i am it is almost midnight and I am studying for a
stupid spanish test! My life sucks right know. I have to
ride my bike to school gosh i am 17!! plus I have girls
falling all over me but the situation is never right Either
they are hooked up or the dont meet up to my tastes or
something. for example leah H. she was giving me all the
signs the she suddenly back out ?? whats up with that??

should I go for jen at work -no she isnt hot enough
danielle at school no shes hooked up plus i m not sure she
is interested Why cant I get a freaking girlfriend I one of
the best looking guys wherever I go and I cant hook up all
the girls look twice but thats it !!!

well nick played good in his basketball game even though
his team got killed!! Mom and dad are still being
aholes !! Oh well!!