The mediocrity that is me
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2002-07-08 10:33:12 (UTC)

"Fuck you" --- Random Rants from wherever the hell my brain is at this moment in time.

Fuck you, stupid car, for breaking down in the middle of
the intersection with me in you. And right after we fixed
you, you hunk of worthless metal.

Fuck you, yes you for getting all conceited and ignoring
me. Sorry I'm not good enough anymore. Fuck you for making
me think you cared. And fuck me for caring.

Fuck you, mom and dad, for saying all kinds of shitty
things about me behind my back recently. Fuck you for
telling my little sister, and not me, that you want to kick
me out.

A big fuck you to whoever threw the egg on my car last
week. It's cool to throw eggs at cars. I hope you suffer a
horrible case of food poisoning and puke up a lung or some
other vital organ.

Fuck abstinence. No, really. Fuck it.

And last of all, fuck me for caring about stupid petty shit
like this when there are people starving to death. It's
really time for me to go get some perspective.

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