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2001-06-28 05:47:28 (UTC)

why do we...

...crucify ourselves...

so... im feeling weird... like... i was happy.. like i was
talking to ashley and caroline. and i was happy... but
then like caroline started telling me stuf. like. about
me. like it threw me way off. like. that i have this
really big wall up. because im afraid of rejection and
afraid of my feelings. and how i should tell people if i
like them and nothings out of reach and i should look for
the good people that'll be good to me and people hide their
feelings and im not the only one that feels like this and
the only difference is that ive been through more than 80%
of the kids and all like telling me how i dream a lot and
im looking for a soul mate and using my name a lot and im
going crazy with it like. and even how i shouldnt listen
to matt. i need to reevaluate who i listen to. i really
like her. i dont know why i cant just be normal and happy
and like someone that likes me.