Amandas Twisted Life
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2002-07-08 08:52:51 (UTC)

:( my love life sux ASS

i talked to charles today and he goes "hows ur boy toy
joe?, i just dont get it..." i go get wut?? and he
said "nuthin just wutever makes u happy"...wuts that
supposed to mean? to me it sounds like he wants to go back
out w/ me BUT he told my lil sister ashley he was gonna
talk to me about going out w/ her!! that REALLY sux :( i
was really starting to like him and he likes my lil
sister!! i just felt like crying when i heard that...(shes
13 and hes 18 btw) ARGH that makes me mad but im really sad
about it...i guess if hes happy w/ her thats all that
matters...i want him to be happy. and i really hope they
dont kiss in front of me...that will be really hard on me:(
i hate it when guys do that! have u ever heard the guote
*the hardest thing in life is watching someone u love, love
someone else* that is soo fucking true....believe me! well
im going now PLEASE COMMENT noones ever done that!! please..