fake plastic diary
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2002-07-08 07:49:55 (UTC)

holidays and suchlike

oh too early. i shud be asleep. not typing to u whilst
watching cartoons out of the corner of my eye. but my
mother is dragging me along to the job centre with her
later. groan. and i really need to wash my hair, but it
dunt matter that much cos its raining and im just gonna get
wet anyway.
sigh. u misunderstand me. i was not on the net for 28
hours. that would be ridiculous. there is no way i could
even stay awake for 28 minutes at the moment, let alone 28
hours. the idea is i didnt go on the net for 28 hours,
which is quite a long time not to, hence i had too many
emails to reply to. most from my friends, some with news
updates from all different sites, that sort of thing.
aw, chaz got divorced and remarried last nite. ain't that
sweet? she was bored of ste so she divorced him, and got
married to alex. he's only been talking to her for about a
month, even though they met about a year ago. he scored
higer on her quiz than i did. he got all the questions
right. i felt like a complete prat. im saying he cheated.
rammstein is a whole band. theres six guys. till the
singer, richard who plays guitar, paul who plays guitar,
christophe who plays drums, oliver who plays bass and flake
who plays keyboards. they are ultimate cool. i really wanna
go see coldplay. i just found out that theyr playing the
MEN arena in october. im gonna have to persuade my friends
to go. i think maybe chaz will go. she likes them. and xen
does as well. i dont think my other friends like them too
much. maybe quail will go. i really wanna see them cos they
are on my top 5 bands list, along with rammstein, green
day, placebo and the bloodhound gang. so i wanna see all
those bands one day. ive already seen rammstein and im goin
to see green day on thursday.
i'd never been on a plane till i was in yr 8. well, id been
in a light aircraft, but not a big plane, if u see what i
mean. then we went to florida and we got upgraded to first
class cos there were some spare seats, which was pretty
cool for my first time flying, and it was my dads birthday
too, so that was nice. one day i really want to drive a
tank. or a plane. but mostly a tank. so thats what im gonna
i just had to say how much i dont see the point in
blackpool. maybe ive been there too many times as a child.
seeing the illuminations every year. theres so many places
near to blackpool which are much nicer. such as fleetwood.
when we go to blackpool we always go to the same restaurant
in bispham, which is near blackpool. they do good desert.
actually, now i come to think about it, i have been on
holiday to blackpool. on a religious holiday with my
mother. just dont ask. ive been to york. its pretty nice.
but i cant imagine having a holiday there. i suppose there
is quite alot to do. it turns out that we are still going
to wales with margo and her kids, cos my dads still with
her. the only thing is her kids have refused to move in
with us, mainly cos me and my bro were pretty nasty to
them. i find that quite funny. i was never nasty. i just
ignored them as much as i ignore everyone else in my house.
im not giving them special nice treatment. so it will
probably be a holiday from hell. the last time we went on
holiday with them was to mallorca. they had a massive fight
on the last day and we sat far away from them on plane on
the way home. that was pretty bad. i dont mind wales. i
love the welsh accent. yeah summer school. im going for a
week from august 11th-17th. i think. so yeah, u get a whole
week away from me. lucky you! im looking forward to it....
get away from here for a bit. its in cumbria. im doing some
kind of film course so it shouldnt be boring. plus we do
other stuff in the evenings. and no, its not girls only.
xen's at summer school at manchester uni at the mo.
i have never had growing pains. probably cos i never grew.
aw. poor short me. lol. yeah period pains are awful. ur
well, i gotta go get ready to go out. love u loads, lisa xxx