Mista Of Silent Death

Ramblings of the Mad and Distrubed
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2002-07-08 07:04:49 (UTC)

Slice and dice

I passed up a chance to play d and d tonight becos i
thought i wasnt invited to the game even though i am part
of the group i am so parinoid that i couldnt see past my
own fears and know for a fact that i was invited so i
stayed home and asked my older roomate for a razor and was
gonna play pin the razor on the fatty but alas the min i
said hey *hobbit* oh ill tell you about the hob later lol
murhahah well anyways the min i said that everyone thought
they should tell me they love me and plz dont cut myself so
one of my roomies here was like im not going im staying
with Mistra and well blah when the others finished
pampering me she gave me a lecture wooooohoooooooo for me
blah...... well anyways so there for if i do cut myself i
will have to do it out of sight or everyone gonna have a
fucken fit.......grrrrr i hate being watched like a 4 year
old if i want to slice and dice my self its my body......

well enough of that its only pissing me off more and i
dont need the stress well ill write more tomorrow Mistra

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