still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-06-28 05:00:08 (UTC)


Well I had a normal(shitty)work day. Adrienne brought her
baby in and I got to hold her awhile and she is the
sweetest thing ever. Denis held her and he looked so cute
doing so.Damn him...let me get a cigarette...well Greg
called me today at work and he is a litttle annoying..well
denis was right by me when he called and I told him I was
busy when i wasn't. Denis asked who it was..if it was a
certai girl friend of mine. I just said no and he said"Just
some asshole you don't like" I said "yeah it's another
asshole I like"or something to that effectInsinuating (I
believe) that I still like him. Well he seemed to be in a
better mood after that and flirted continuously with
Jessica for the remainder of the day. Fucker.

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