Mista Of Silent Death

Ramblings of the Mad and Distrubed
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2002-07-08 06:45:16 (UTC)


Breath a thousand times more
Intoxicating than the most
Potent Wine
-He Breathes-
The softness of his breath envelopes
Itself around the coldness
Of a stone cold aura
-His Voice-
The sounds of Angelic laughter
Caresses my mind, as the
Lonesome thoughts are burned away
-His Touch-
Skin so delicate, so pure
Glides so easily over mine
His hair polishing our love
As my fingers run through, as
If separated from my body
-A Gaze-
His eyes open, and I am Caught in
His angelic stare, captivated by
His hypnotic rhythm
-Yet Why-
When our hands meet
The feeling is so cold
-To Press-
Lips against time, lost
In the warmth that enfolds
Around us
-This Love-
The only thing that holds
Together, the life that fell apart
Pieces of a lost life
Now held together with
A glowing stare
Lost, not knowing what to do
A world of confusion, plotting
Against time, and a lost soul
-To Live-
A life spent in search of
A freedom that I can’t
Quite understand
-The Fire-
That once had burned me, and
Now brightens the way, only
Now can the darkness give in
-His Love-
It is the key, a gaze will open
The door, and let me into the world
Of luminescent companionship
-At last-
The chains have been broken,
No longer confined in solitude
With a gentle touch, a hypnotic
Gaze, only you can set me free