Lenore the fool

Steal this diary
2002-07-08 06:43:56 (UTC)


I wish i could write reallywell. That i was really talented
and could write beautiful sonnets, meaningful songs. But
instead i write what I write. crap. And I know it is. I
can't get rhyme schemes or even just plain rhymes. I never
let anyone i know read my stuff. For the simple reasons that
no one will feel compelled to lie and say it's great, or even
worse feels compelled to be honest and tell me I suck. There
is nothing worse than pouring all that you've got, all your
soul and having someone tell you it's worthless. even if it
is crap. Well i guess i'll go write some more crap, maybe
i'll come out with something good... or something i like and
i'll put it here.


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