Mista Of Silent Death

Ramblings of the Mad and Distrubed
2002-07-08 06:42:43 (UTC)

I am.....

I miss something i have never had
I miss someone i have never met
I miss the love you could give
But do i miss you?
Do i need love?
Do i have it already and dont know it?
Will i see you soon?
Will i miss you even more
Will your kisses be sweet and tender
Will your touch set me a flame
Can you love me for who i am
I am the darkness inside you all
I am the drifter without a home
I am the sickness you hate
I am the coffin to which you'll forever sleep
I am the daughter of a whore
I am the lover of death
I am the one whos screams set the sun
I am the one who puts the moon to sleep
I am the one you can't love
I am the uglyness comsumming your soul
But do you want me now????????????

Yeah that about how i feel at the moment *sigh* Sob....