Mista Of Silent Death

Ramblings of the Mad and Distrubed
2002-07-08 06:38:23 (UTC)

A BiT AbOuT JoShY!!!!!

Well let me tell you alittle about one of my ex boyfriends

Well i met her once apon a time and i was very depressed
one day and i got on line and this person i met i had had
on my friends list on yahoo and had added but deleted cos i
do that from time to time so i had fogotten about him...
Until that day when i got on the computer ready to tell
everyone i loved them in an email well i signed on to yahoo
to get my email and send one out and he pmed me and i got
to talking to him and he was like so what you up to and i
felt that i could trust him and talk to him like i could
have a friend.... SO i told him how i felt that i wanted to
die and i showed him some of my poetry..... And he felt
sorry for me and told me if i killed myself than he would
kill his self and his blood would be on my hands........
And so little by little we fought about this and how i
despreatly didint want him to die with me and this went on
for months and slowly i fell for him...... HARD.. and if
you knew him you would too he had a kind heart kinda messed
up in the head but arent we all in some way shape or
form??? Well anyways for months this went on and he lived
in Kanas and of course i live here and he finally asked me
to be his online girl friend and i was soooooo happy for
the first time in my whole life i was so fucken happy i
loved him and wanted him so much and finally he wanted me
back or so i thought......... See the thing is i brought
him down here and well when i did this he realised he didnt
love me at all matter of fact he never loved me he was just
trying not to hurt my feelings so i wouldnt kill myself
well needless to say his mom came to get him she hated me
btw so does his whole family and i think so did he for a
while.... Cos he promised me before he left that he would
be back when he got his stuff straighten out up there and
well he dumped me over the net yeah i know i know it broke
my heart but i guess that is what was best for him after

Ill wtite more later Mistra

Update: Josh/Josie is dead. i think i`m gonna puke