2001-06-28 04:33:06 (UTC)

The 848 Crash (Part II) - [22:30] April 23, 2355

Chris and Mokkan met the rest of the team near the edge of
the crisis zone. Other Amians, paramedics, doctors, peace
officers, and civilians all milled around the border,
awaiting the SWAT team to clear the triple-red danger
status to a yellow status so the doctors and paramedics
could go in, and then to green so the civilians could
assist them. They were all watching the plane burn, yellow
and orange flames licking the sky from the tail of the
plane. Luckily, it looked as though the fire wouldn't
reach the fuel tanks in the wings.

Mokkan knelt in the center of the circle of armored
Amians. "Alright, here's the plan. We don't know what
kind of firepower he has, nor have we any idea how many
hostages he has. Tyler hasn't been able to contact us, and
HQ's given us all the information they've got. Obviously,
anything new that develops, we'll know about immediately,
but proceed with caution. Alright, line formation, let's
go!" He stood up, put his shield in front of his body,
faced the downed plane and waited for the others to get
into place. Once they were in a line, he took off,
trotting towards the crash site.

After only a few seconds, the terrorist appeared in the
doorway. The door had been knocked off in the crash. "Hey,
you guys! You guys in the armor! Don't come any closer,
or-" he ducked into the body of the plane for a moment,
then reappeared with a shaking and terrified-looking
lioness in the crook of his arm. He held his gun to the
side of her head as he turned back to the now-halted
team. "She gets it!"

Mokkan held out an arm to the human. "Hold it!" He whispered into
his comm. "Snipers, have you guys got a clear shot?" While he
waited for an answer, he stood up. "Wait, we're not going anywhere!
Don't shoot her! She's just an innocent. What do you want from us?"

The terrorist shifted the shivering female in front of him,
as if to block a possible shot. "I want you to contact the
human base and tell them to come and rescue me! And I'll
take a couple of these 'innocents' with me as a parting
gift!" He sneered. "I'll leave you guys a couple of dead
bodies!" He tightened his trigger finger. The lioness
shrieked softly.

Mokkan stood firm. "Snipers, we need some help here..." he whispered.

"S-1, I'm ready, but she's in my way. No shot."

"S-2, same. No shot."

"S-3, risky, but I've got a shot."

"Take it. It's our only chance." He raised his voice
again. "We'll grant you your request if you release that

The terrorist narrowed his eyes at Mokkan. "How do I know
you're telling me the truth?"

Mokkan narrowed his eyes right back. "You'll just have to
trust the integrity of an animal."

The human terrorist gritted his teeth. "Hah, integrity!
You're not even ANIMALS!" He suddenly fired the gun. The
lioness jerked violently in his grip as a hole appeared in the side
of her head. At the same time, a hole appeared in the center of his
forehead. The lioness fell lifeless from his arm down out of the
plane to the ground below as he fell lifeless back into the plane.

"S-3, got him, but...not in time, damnit..."

Mokkan stood up suddenly. "Don't worry about it, you saved
all the rest. Good show! Come on, guys, we don't know
that he was the only one!" He immediately ran forward,
closing the distance between him and the plane. Chris
stood up and followed him, and close behind him, the rest
of the SWAT.

After only a few seconds, though, bullets began pelting out
of the dark and into the armor of the running team
members. They all immediately fell to one knee, behind
their shields, and waited for their new orders.

Mokkan, having been hit a few times, hid behind his shield
only a few feet from Chris, panting heavily. Blood slowly
seeped through one particular hole in his armor, just at
the very edge of his shoulder. He shook off the
pain. "Team...team, defense position, open fire on
hostile...hostile targets." He shook his head a bit, then
leaned around the edge of his shield, like the rest of his
comrades were, and waited for anyone with a gun to appear
in the shadows.

Suddenly, one of the team members' weapons barked loudly as
he shouted over the noise of the gun. "Humans! It's the