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2001-01-06 20:35:39 (UTC)

January 6th, 2001- 12:30 PM..

January 6th, 2001- 12:30 PM
Well,I actually just woke up...but,I got a message from
Tabby yesterday saying that Duo hasn't been around too
much, and her friend Miekya is jealous-she thinks Duo is
going off to see me! I told the Duo to go back if he's from
Trewyn's place,and to message me back when he does,but so
far,no message from Duo...*shrugs*I dunno,but the Duo isn't
here now.
OKay,that was kinda DW-ish ^
I used a portal to get to the club in my city, and went
clubbin' with some freinds (#17 & Kuzco). Anyways,I met
some guy there (Johnny),he's from a game called Dance Dance
Revolution. So we were dancin' for a while,and he decided
to stay with us. That's kewl!He's got such a cute smile!^.^
Um.oh,I decided to name the girl with no name,Hope. She's
only 6 years old...I tried reading her mind,but I didn't get
much..however,I know she's had an encounter with death/shadow. He was
someone I found out about.I was at my ex boyfriend's 2 years ago,with
some other friends over. And the lights were out(we were trying to do
obe's).After,we were just kinda chillin',and I was standing in front
of my mirror. All of a sudden,I got a terrible feeling,I had never
been so scared in my life,and i noticed the air was cold. I like,
instantly moved out of the way of the mirror.Alex(my best friend)Was
standing in front of me, and I saw his horror struck face. I asked
him "Was is it a big black shadow in the mirror" (I had a vision of
that when I noticed the feeling).And he said yes. For about a year,
that thing was trying to kill me..but then it left me alone. I don't
quite understand it,but..ah well.(That all happened in RL,btw) Now
that Hope has had a run in with
it too, I'm going to protect her. Since I came across IT, people have
been trying to kill me. That's definately the worst thing that's ever
happened to me...aside from Xelloss dying..I really miss him (He was
my fiancee and the father of my twins).
Ummm...I'm getting the hang of my new Gundam,but it doesn't have a
weapon yet...I think I'll get a staff,like my wooden
one...It's kind long, has an orb in the end (Like
Xelloss'), and on the bottom is a sickle, but it's not too
big...I'll probably have it so it's kinda reversed.
It would end up looking like Duo's scythe on the top, with
something like Sailor Pluto's Garnet Orb on the
That's about all I can think of for now...I'm still
working on getting rid of the void surrounding my
house...but,I'm not sure how...maybe fill it with energy to
cancel it out?*sigh*I don't know...I couldn't do that
unless I used ALL of my life enrgy...perhaps just draw
power from my friends and channel it into one giant blast?
But,would the wreck the city??....I don't know...I had another
thought too...could Frost be behind this?I don't think so,I don't
know why..but I don' was just a possibility.
I'm sure I could get rid of the void...but,I have to take into
consideration of the city,if the void hasn't destroyed the other
houses and stuff,then my blast would..but,we could die if we don't
get rid of it. So,I have a few options.
a)just go for the blast and destroy if it's not allready,and save the
few survivors we have here.
b)try and find another way,maybe involving shields,then blow it up.
c)go out there with my Gundam and investigate,risking my own life.
d)send someone else out there. (actually,this isn't even an
option.I'd never do that).
*sighs*This is frustrating.
-Skyla Glace

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