Fish 'n Chips
2001-06-28 04:29:19 (UTC)

Don't eat eggs, it's chicken period.

Music: Orestes-APC
Random Thought: Why is Tommy so damn sexxxy?

I hung out with Tom today. We actually had a really good
day....laughed a lot. So it wasn't all sad and depressing
like I had expected. He finally got his license back, yay.
We didn't really go anywhere though....went to Eric's and
drove around for a lil while (yippee) and Matt came back
with us. So we just hung out with him and then Tom brought
me back here. All in all, I guess it was a pretty good
night. It sorta made me sad....cuz I miss him. I really do,
but I know, and he knows, that it just doesn't work
anymore. I, personally, think we make good friends. We were
pretty much best friends before we started going out, and
we were, I guess you could friends while we
were going out. So I don't know....maybe we were just meant
to be friends. We have a good time still I think, we still
laugh and joke with each other, so it's okay. :)

I don't really have much to say, I'm pretty tired so I
think I'm going to try and get some sleep and wait for Tom
to come get me tomorrow......I miss him already. God, it's
sick, I know.