nobody cares
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2002-07-08 03:37:57 (UTC)

i never know how to start these..

i never know how to start these entries so im just gonna
start it off like this... i'm starting to really really
realize that im all alone in this world... my friends only
use me when they want to rather get even with someone.../
when they called everyone else and theres nobody left but
me.../ and so on... i dont thinnk although they say they do
i dont think they really care at all...
my best friend in the whole world can't even keep my
secrets anymore and i have to find out from the people i
despise the most which is even more hurtful than anything.
every one needs atleast one person that they can trust.
onother story is my mother... i used to be so close with
her when i was younger but now it seems like we are
strangers and we live in the same house... our relationship
as mother daughter seems to only be by blood.. i mean she
means ell and she doesnt atleast physically abuse me but we
never get along and were always yelling at each other for
some strange reason.... lately ive been so isolated in my
house and when im asking my friends if i could go over to
there house even for just an hour just to get away from my
family they are always busy and like how things are cough
cough working out with jason ya i tell ya oh im so enjoying
that part of life because now he doesnt even call me back
and on the days he actually doesnt work he doesnt even call
me up to see if im not busy or anything and i thought he
told me he loved me oh well i kind of saw it coming and im
glad i didnt give him what he wanted when he asked for