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2001-06-28 04:25:21 (UTC)

little whores.

twenty three
gave up on the world.
i thought that you would care.
but you dont.
the difference between you and me.
is that i still keep hope.
and maybe i shouldnt anymore.

twenty three. and.
tonight i wanted to kiss you.
regressing back to before.
yeah. when.
we were just two little whores.
i guess
we are just two little whores.

the music is drowning out my thoughts.
and maybe...
that is a good thing.
too much to be angry about.
and not enough to smile about.
the story of my life.
this is the story of my life.
everyone is trying to cope.
deal ashley.
with life.
you just have to deal.
and move on.
and let go.
and forget.
but never.
not anymore.

twenty three.
and hating life.
and where were you.
when you werent upset.
why didnt you need me then.
is that what you regret?

such a waste of energy.
so much time i didnt need to spend.
all i thought was best
for you.
and in the end.
theres nothing i can really say.
to make you cope.
to make you stay.

honesty is a lot to ask now.

and still.
i wanted to kiss you tonight.
when i parked my car.
and your door turned on the light.
i wanted to kiss you
and to forget
i dont regret.

we were just two little whores.
new for the world.
hiding from ourselves.
you wouldnt hold my hand.
and i never asked why.
because i was just a little whore.
stuck in a bed that wasnt my own.
a little whore lost in thoughts.
of beauty.
and romance.
too bad all the sex got in the way.
too bad.
that was the only thing that made you stay.
too bad for me.
and a big oh well.
a big oh well
for all the shit.
and all the hell.
i have to deal with for the rest of my life.
because i was your little whore.
all those nights.
no questions were asked.
no promises were broken.
because none were made.
little whores.
not wrapped up in love.
wrapped up in sheets.
little whores.
make the best writers.
dont you think

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