a poetic Heartº
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2002-07-08 03:08:31 (UTC)

to my best friend

sry bout your mom, and for getting u in more trouble, dont
feel too bad my summers been nothing but hell also, the
last time we talked i told u bout me and randy - well im
still with steven I stayed with him because I thought about
everything and I really do love him, but mama done the same
thing to him that ur mom done, IT SUCKS REALLY BAD AND U
KNOW THAT...Ive been grounded for the past month for
different stuff. Thats sorta the reason we havent been to
church. My life is nothing but hell. i wish we had another
week like we had in louisville cause i need to talk to
someone its just your the only one thats acts like they
actually care sumtimes, I love you girl.
please dont tell none of this to u no who, the less she
know about my life the better

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