The Magical Toilet Paper Diary
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2002-07-08 02:50:32 (UTC)


another fun day of nothin...

ashley came back from her 10 day trip at arrowbear...
yeah!!!!!! u still need to tell me bout it ashley...

today i woke up at like 1 pm... im just getting sleepier...
i went on the computer again... did sum things... i took a
nice long bath (in which flyin orange bubbles tried to
kidnapp me... believing my brown hair was made of
choclate...)... i tried drawing a picture... i do other
boring stuff which i can't remember... errrrr

btw, i went to this website... did you know it's best to
sleep on your back? you get wrinkles easier by sleepin on
ur side or stomach. and if you sleep too much water will
build up (in ur face?) and make u look puffy. but it's good
to get sleep... that's when you heal and do stuff which i
don't remember....

i think ive been sleepin too much....



o ya, if you know any good sites to make a website plez
tell me... andrea, wut site r u usin?



that's it




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