Highway to Hell
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2001-06-28 03:44:07 (UTC)

My day

ok heres the deal i'm grant. i play my drums and sit on my
ass a lot i prolly won't write everyday but fuck it i'll
try my best. no one will read this but who gives a shit
ok what i did today i got my lazy ass outta bed at like 8
to go to damn football.i puked at football cause i worked
my ass off but coach said that i had a good attitude to get
back in there and play after i was done... this is the guy
who is already telling freshman there gonna start varsity
as sophmores, what an asshole, but i think he means well.

after that i went home and slept a little then i happily
went and drummed my little metallica set list as i call it
(basically just the songs i play everyday to warm up and
what not).after my hour and change of drumming i took a
shower.i just hung out till about 4 then i started gettin
ready for baseball.
5:15 i show up at the field for my game. i play on the
findlay travel team for those that don't know were like 1
in the state in our division AAA the others are A,AA,and
major. but tonight we played the best team at the major
level and they wiped our sorry assed all over the field but
i pitch and struck out all the guys i faced. after that i
went home ate, showered, slept, and wrote this bitch of a
thing. anyway good bye for tonight.

"master master where are those dreams that i've been
after" - james hetfield metallica

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