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my submissive life
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2002-07-08 01:34:13 (UTC)

Play Date

Master and i have a play date tonight. i arrive at his
door ontime and he greets me with a kiss. He eyes my high-
neck sweater. "Did you wear your collar?" "Yes
Master." "Show me." I pull the neck of my sweater down to
show him the collar underneath. "No. Not like that. Take
off your sweater." I look around, worried that someone
will see me standing outside the door. No one seems to be
around so I quickly take off my sweater, hoping he'll let
me inside faster. "What are you wearing?!" "Sir?" "I
told you never to wear more than one layer of clothing." I
forgot about the tank-top I had put on under the itchy
sweater. "I, uh, sorry Sir." "Take it off, now!" i'm
afraid that with his loud voice, someone will hear and poke
their head out and see me half naked, but i know better
than to argue with Master, especially after a mistake like
this. i remove my top and stand there in only a bra.
Master looks disappointed. "You will be punished for this,
get inside." i enter.

"Strip and assume the position." i strip down to my bra
and undies and walk over to the wall. i put my palms flat
on it, bend at the waist and spread my legs. He walks over
with the paddle. "This is not how i wanted our night to
begin. But you will learn to follow my orders."
SMACK. "One Sir." SMACK. "Two Sir." A full ten swats
and my ass is throbbing. "Thank you Sir." He walks away.
i assume the post-punishment position. Standing with my
nose firmly against the wall, hands behind my head, legs
spread very wide. Five minutes.

"Come here slut." i stand at attention before my Master.
Legs spread wide, head up, eyes down, hands clasped behind
my back, and breasts pushed out towards him. He holds a
glass of juice in his hand. "Drink this." i obey. He
looks me over and starts laughing. "You left your socks on
slut?" "Sorry Sir, your floor is cold." "That's okay
slave, but I think an adjustment is needed. Go get some
rice." i go to the kitchen and return with a box of rice.
Master pour some rice into each of my socks so that as i
walk on his hard floors, the rice digs into the soles of my
feet. "Isn't that better slut?" "Yes sir, thank you."

"How about a little exercise slave? It looks like you've
been gaining weight. Come over here my fat cow." i stand
before him. He take off my bra and attaches nipple clamps
with hooks. He hangs weights to each of them. "Look at
how low your udders hang down. You really are a fat cow.
Aren't you?" "Yes Sir." "Say it slave." "i am a fat
cow." "Make your udders bounce for me cow." i begin to
bounce up and down and my tits bounce painfully. "Do some
jumping jacks." i obey. Master walks away and comes back
behind me. i feel a sting across my ass. "Jump higher
pig!" i jump higher and my tits feel like they might be
ripped off. Another lash lands across my ass. "Higher!
Faster!" i obey. By the time we are finished i am
sweating heavily, my ass is on fire, my tits are on fire,
even my feet feel raw from the rice in my socks. "Have
another drink slave." He hands me another glass of juice
and i gulp it down.

"Get on the table." i lay across his large dining room
table and he secures me in place. He ties my hands so they
are stretched high above my head to the far end of the
table. He bends each of my legs up and ties my ankle to my
thigh. He ties my knees to the sides of the table so my
legs and pussy are spread wide open. "Stick out your
tongue." i obey. He puts a clamp on my toungue. He puts
more on my nipples and attaches them to the one on my
tongue. i can't pull my tongue in my mouth or it will pull
on my nipples painfully. "Now we are ready to begin the
fun." He produces a single, long feather. i mentally
start screaming, he knows how ticklish i am. He goes to
work on my armpits and i am squirming and screaming in no
time. With every move my nipples are stretched and
tortured. He stops every few seconds to let me catch my
breath and then begins again. If i could talk i'd be
begging him to stop, to have mercy. But i can only scream
and squeal. He stops for a moment and asks if i'm
thristy. i shake my head no, actually my bladder is quite
full from the first two glasses. "That too bad, looks like
we'll have to continue." He tickles me for another ten
minutes and asks again if i'm thristy, this time i nod
yes. He brings me a pitcher of juice with a long straw
sticking out of it. He removes the clamps from my tender
tongue. "Drink this. Until you finish, I'll amuse myself
by spanking your naughty pussy." i begin to suck down the
drink, all the while he is spanking my pussy (fortunately
still covered by my panties) with a riding crop. Don't get
me wrong, it still hurt a lot. Finally i finish.

i really had to pee. Master led me to the bathroom and
stood me in the tub. He tied my legs tightly together and
told me to put my hands on my head. "Whenever you're ready
slave." i wanted to argue with him but i knew better.
Slowly i swallowed my pride and began peeing into my cotton
panties. i hated the feeling of my warm piss covering my
pussy, ass, and legs. Master just laughed and called me a
little "piss-loving-slut." When i was finished he told me
to kneel in the tub and put my nose in the pool of urine
under me. i obeyed. As i knelt there, i felt something
warm running down my back. Master was pissing on me. He
covered my hair, back, ass, and feet with his piss. He
told me to lie in the tub and wait for him. He left the
room. i don't know why but i found my hands moving down to
my clit. Over my undies i starting rubbing my sex and felt
the pleasure growing. "What the hell do you think you're
doing?!" Master caught me. Punishment time again.

He cut my legs loose and had me step out of my piss-soaked
panties. He hung them up to dry without washing them off.
He said i'd be wearing them again later, "as is." He
rinsed me off with cold water and threw my dirty socks in
the trash. We went back into the living room for my
punishment. This time he sat in his chair, after attaching
a tight clamp to my clit. "Kneel cunt." i did. He put
his feet up on a stool in front of me. "Now slave, worship
my feet with your tongue." My eyes went wide. He knows my
aversion to feet. i just sat there looking at him. Then
fire ran through my sex, he was tugging a rope attached to
my clit. "You aren't supposed to like punishments and I
think you enjoy a paddling too much. You wanted to
pleasure yourself, now you will pleasure my feet for as
long as I want." He tugged my clit harder. "The faster
you start and the better you do, the sooner you can stop."
Reluctantly i began licking his feet. He had me lick the
soles, inbetween his toes, and even suck on each of toes.
i was disgusted and he was very amused. My clit was aching
terribly. Finally i was allowed to stop and assume the
post-punishment position for another five minutes.

"Now cunt, get in the chair." i assumed his favorite
position. Sitting in the chair with my legs out to the
sides hanging over the arms of the chair with my pussy open
wide. My hands cupping each of my tits as if offering them
to my Master. And my mouth open, tongue hanging out, soon
to be drooling. Master came over to me and wrote SLUT
across my forehead in big red letters. He took some
pictures of my humiliation and then went about doing work
and ignoring me. i hate being ignored. i hate this
position. It make me feel dirty and slutty. That's the
point. Once and a while i hear Master shout "get the mouth
open wider." i obey and he ignores me again. After about
an hour, he returns to me.

"Well slave, I hope that ass of yours isn't feeling
neglected? How about a little flogging." He ordered me on
the ground. i was on my knees and elbows with my ass high
in the air. "Hold your head up high slave." He began
whipping my ass with his leather flogger. "Tell me how
much you love this, whore." "i do love this Sir. i love
being whipped by you and humiliated by you. i am your
worthless little painslut and i need all the pain you can
give me." The whipping continued until there were tears in
my eyes.

He stood me in front of a mirror and told me to look at my
naked body. He handed me a red marker. i still had SLUT
written across my forehead. He told to me to add to my
body art. i began writing on my body. PAINSLUT. FAT
HURT ME. WHIP ME. Everywhere i could i was writing these
things. He took the marker and stood behind me, covering
the rest of my skin with more degrading phrases. He stood
me on a table and took pictures of me. He didn't like to
see me sulking so he took my dirty, urine-covered socks out
of the trash and gagged me with them. He took more picture
and i tried not to cry.

"Almost time for you to leave slut." He gave another
pitcher of juice to drink "for the long ride home." "Now
cunt, would you like to be able to cum tonight." "Oh yes
Sir." "Then you must follow my instructions exactly."
Before i left for the night Master prepared me for the ride
home. He had me put on my piss-soaked panties but not
before putting liberal amounts of BenGay up my cunt. He
wanted me to be squirming the entire ride home. He also
shoved a large vibrator up my ass. i put on my pants and
since i had brought two tops, i was only permited to wear
the tiny tank-top home. Master folded my bra and shoved it
into my back pocket, sticking out enough to be
recognizable. He tied my left hand inside my front pocket
and to my thigh. i could only free it with sizzors once i
was home. The tank-top covered me to a certain extent. My
braless tits bounced when i walked and some red lettering
was visible. He did not let me was SLUT off my forehead
but said i could wear my hair down to try to cover it. He
applied some red lipstick to my lips and made me look like
a clown. He handed me a bottle to carry and sent me on my
way after turning my ass vibrator on high.

i arrived home and called Master to tell him. He had me
tell him the details of my ride home, how many people were
on the train, did they stare at me, did anyone comment on
my body art, was it frustrating only having one
hand? "Well done slave, now you will be permitted to cum.
This is how you will do it. Strip down to your dirty
undies. Leave the vibrator in." Since i like masturbating
in urine, that's how i would get to do it. First i was to
tie my right hand to my thigh so i had to use my less
dominant hand to pleasure myself. Then i had to stand in
the tub and piss myself again. Then i was to dump the
contents of the bottle he gave me on my head and enjoy the
feeling of more of my Master's piss covering me. i was
then permitted to lay in the urine and masturbate over my
panties. When i finished i had to lay there 30 minutes
enjoying my situation and thinking about what a worthless,
dirty, smelly-cunt, painslut i was. "Actually, why don't
you go ahead and repeat that phrase through the entire
process." "Yes Sir." After 30 minutes i could turn off
the vibrator and the light. i would sleep in the tub that
night, covered in red degrading terms, covered in piss, cum
and piss soaked panties, right hand still tied, thanking my
Master in my sleep. Good night.

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